ScratchBall, The Trickshot Billiard Game
Billiards for the Artistic Players
Florian "Venom" Kohler  (Trickshot artist):

"I've play a lot with my friends this beautiful game (ScratchBall), and the result is awesome: in 5 hours the beginners can approximately mastered a basic draw ... so keep it up, I'm sure this game will be be a success!!"

* SBB would like to thank Mr. Kohler for using ScratchBall Billiard Balls in his new video. They add a touch of class to any pool table.

RUNOUT MEDIA just released a high quality video featuring the trickshot artistry of Florian VENOM Kohler. This video enters a promising new era for artistic pool. See the trailer at RUNOUT MEDIA

With over 160 advanced trick shots, which include difficult shots like Quintuplet masse shots and a 24 foot two-rail jump shot, this video is certainly worth purchasing.

Generation Pool posts Venom/ScratchBall "Masse Attack" video.


Pool & Billiard Magazine:

"I checked out your site and it looks like you've got a powerful idea. I love something that promotes pool, helps people play better, and can also be a viable business. Win, win, win."
1. Execute a scratch trickshot during the game for double points. Be creative. Look for opportunities to express the artist inside.

2. A carefully orchestrated scratch, without pocketing an object ball, can help position the black balls for your next shot.

3. For a higher score, at the end of a game, try to keep at least 2 black balls in play along with the dead ball. Then, go for a 10 point or trickshot play.

4. For greater action, play ScratchBall on a fast carom felt. A faster felt will enhances your ability to make trickshots.

ScratchBall left english

Scratch cue ball in the side pocket.

Pocket object ball in corner.

5 points.

Basic shots to practice for a game of ScratchBall.

practice 1-1 practice 1-2 practice 2-1 practice 2-2 practice 2-3 practice 3-2 practice 3-3 practice 3-4 practice 4-2 practice 4-2 practice 4-3 practice 4-4 practice 5-1 practice 5-2 practice 5-3

Here are a few trickshots adapted to ScratchBall from APTSA and Dr. Cue's shot programs. The primary difference is that each shot must scratch.
For additional disciplines click the CEB link then Sport-Rules and Artistique-Figures.

Dicipline 1 - TRICK & FANCY


Dicipline 3 - DRAW

Dicipline 4 - FOLLOW

Dicipline 5 - BANK/KICK

Dicipline 6 - STROKE - Dicipline 7 - JUMP

Dicipline 8 - MASSE